Rocks and piezoelectricity

Yesterday, we took our last field trip. We started by traveling to the London Museum. Our primary focus while at the museum was to see the London Stone and look at the mystical things that surround the stone. The stone has been placed at the center of London for may years and has played a main role in many different books and plays, especially one play by Shakespeare. While there, we did some research and learned that the mystical/magical qualities that the stone supposedly holds are actually all a myth. It is a legend that has been passed down; however, it was interesting to see the stone with the thought process of believing that there is something magical and then seeing it without. When I thought there was a magical or mystical quality to the stone, I looked all around, trying to find it and see what was so special about the stone. Once I found out about the myth, I only viewed the stone as a stone and nothing more.

After the museum, we met up with our class and teacher and started our journey to Highgate Cemetery. There we meet our professor’s father who was a super cute old man. When we got off the tube, we realized we had a long walk ahead of us. We had to walk up a very steep hill to make it to the cemetery. Famous people were buried there like Karl Marx, but overall, it was pretty creepy for me. I personally believing in properly burying the dead and only going to a grave if you want to pay your respects to that person’s memory. It felt weird to think of the cemetery as a tourist attraction, again this is just tied to my personal belief of paying respect to loved ones.



Matilda and PK


Wednesday our class went to see Matilda. I was so excited to see a story so near to my heart on stage. I watched the movie with my mom and it still is a classic of ours to watch together, and the book was wonderful too. The stage was so amazing, I loved all of the clever words around the stage and circling the story as it happened. The blocks were so cleverly placed and I kept finding more and more words the longer I looked at it.

We went to this musical, because of the paranormal elements in the musical. Matilda is able to use her mind to move objects.  This happened at first just when she is upset and then she learns to control her powers for good. In our class, we have been talking about psychokinesis and how it works. There are very few people who claim they can move things with their minds, which makes Matilda very unique.

At the end of the musical, we also discover that once she is no longer living with her wicked parents and the evil headmistress is gone, she is no longer able to use these abilities. This is interesting, but also lines up with other cases of psychokinesis in that it does not occur often and requires a good bit of energy. Most people are unable to move objects with their mind and it is very rare to find someone who can do it. It seems as though Matilda also had some other paranormal abilities in the way that she didn’t know Ms. Honey’s story, but was still able to tell it to others throughout the musical.


Spiritualist College and Mediumship


The spiritualist college was really neat. I was expecting a dark scary place but it was actually beautiful. The campus was so nice,  all the flowers and gardens outside made the college look so warm and inviting that I wondered how I could be so wrong. It looked more like something from the X-men than anything ghostly or scary.

Once inside we went to a section to speak about the history of the college, what they do there, and some of the people that help fund it, as well as what groups of people go there for a week at a time. Then we went and did a couple of different exercises on “sight”. We had to imagine different sceneries and things to see if we could match with something another person had picked. Then we went into another room and  Kali was told that the woman in the other room picked a random video and was trying to psychically send the video. After looking at four options Kali did not guess the correct video but it was still an fun experiment.

Next was the light experience which was a long lecture until they asked if anyone wanted to try it out. So, I signed a waiver and decided to try it for myself. The whole time you have to keep your  eyes are closed and lay down but lights are being shined above you. I felt very nervous because I felt I was going to open my eyes after we were told not to and felt my face move. What was cool was, when I was done. Kendallen had told me that my whole body was moving and I was not even aware!


Arthur Conan Doyle and Spiritualism



This week we went to Portsmouth to see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s library. The coast was beautiful. After greeting off the train, the gorgeous port was the firs thing in our view. It made me wonder if the water helped Doyle became more spiritual in his time. After we ate lunch at the docks, we went to the museum.

The museum was amazing. Seeing how the story had been revived and remained the same throughout the years was interesting to see how timeless Arthur Conan Doyle’s story really was. Each section had different memorabilia from the tv shows and movies inspired by Sherlock Homes. Kelsey is a Sherlock fan and did her research paper for another class on him so I stuck by her and learned a view things. I was amazed with how often he failed in his life. Even though Sherlock Homes is amazing accomplishment, it isn’t what he was passionate for and he tried many other things before writing the story.

Our next stop was the library. I loved the pictures there. I thought seeing all the pictures and signatures was a great experience. I couldn’t believe how well preserved and intact all the artifacts were. The man was also very interesting and knowledgeable in the subject. I wondered about Doyle’s boundary thinness. He was obviously a very creative and talented man to come up with such stories, so I wonder if that played a part in his spiritualism and his readiness to believe in fairies.